I was first introduced to Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquor in November 2020. Steve the bartender, announced a coffee cocktail competition using Mr. Black, and I was in.

I had no experience with it and needed help finding it in Iowa. So I went to East Dubuque, IL, and asked my liquor store to bring it in. Tim was more than happy to do that. I just had to wait two weeks.

We fell in LOVE with it once it came in, and Riley and I tried it.

Mr black coffee liqueur
Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

What Does Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur Taste Like?

Mr Black is a robust cold-brew coffee liqueur. It has the great bitterness and richness of cold-brew coffee, with just a hint of sweetness to balance it.

What makes it different than any other coffee liqueur I have tried is that they roast their coffee and use vodka as the base. This gives them control of flavor and sweetness so the liqueur can shine with its coffee flavor.

An Interview with Tom Baker, Co-Founder of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

Riley and I had the privilege of interviewing Tom for our YouTube channel. He talked about how Mr Black started, how they wanted to use mainstream social media for marketing, and their plans for the future.

What Other Coffee Liqueurs are out There?

When I went to Total Wine and searched “coffee liqueurs,” over 30 companies offered a coffee/espresso liqueur.

Some companies like Jagermeister, Cazadores, and 3 Amigos offer this as an additional product.

For some companies, it is the leading liqueur they sell, like Kahlua, Kamora, and Mr Black.

There are a lot of choices for you depending on what you want out of your coffee liqueur.

Does Mr. Black Offer Different Expressions?

Mr Black has released several different expressions of its coffee liqueur. We have purchased almost all of them, but I am aware of four that we have yet to be able to pick up.

Mr black expressions
Mr Black Expressions

Mr Black Expressions, We Have Tried

1. Mr Black Coffee Amaro

2. Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee liqueur

Mr black coffee liquor mezcal finish
Mr Black Coffee Liquor Mezcal Finish

3. Mr Black Rum Barrel Coffee liqueur

Mr black coffee liquor rum finish
Mr Black Coffee Liquor Rum Finish

4. Mr Black Whiskey Casks Coffee Liqueur

Mr black coffee liquor rye whiskey finish
Mr Black Coffee Liquor Rye Whiskey Finish

Mr Black Expressions, We Have Not Tried Yet

1. Mr Black Ethiopia Single Origin

2. Mr Black Double Cacao Whisky & Coffee Liqueur

3. Mr Black Coconuts


3 Cocktails That Use Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur

Here are some great, simple cocktails with Mr Black Cold Brew.

Espresso Martini

It’s one of the most trendy cocktails for the past few years. The way we make our espresso martinis is richer and more robust flavors because of Mr Black and Cognac.

Cold Brew Old Fashioned

This cocktail is taken right from Mr Black’s website. It combines rye whiskey and Mr Black into a great riff on an Old Fashioned.


Riley created this drink in 2021, inspired by a mudslide. She wanted to use a Macadamia liqueur we had picked up and a whole egg.

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